Oakland Park the beginning.

The story of The Sterley’s of Oakland Park came about in November of 2007, it was the authors intention to write a parody of Jane Austen’s Prideband prejudgeious for the National Writers month comption where writers from all over the world write a novel of at least 50 thousand words in 30 days.

Essentialy each writer has to write 1667 words per day in order to achive this basic goal most novels that are written far exceeded this number.

The point of the comption is to raise awareness of writers about other writers and exchange ideas.

Once Oakland park had been completed I’m 25 days a mamoth task in its self the author began to think of what to do with this work.

Several options presented themselves as follows:-

1.) Self publishing on the internet
2.) Are edit and submit to an established publishing house
3.) Begin writing a sequel.

All three we’re inveatigated and acted upon and the progress thus far is like this.

1.) The original work is available on Lulu.com both in ebook formats and hard copy.
2.) Re-editing is currently under way in the hope of once again republishing a much easier reading novel.
3.) It is the authors hope to submit to an established British author in the hope of been discovered.

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